Dutch Heritage


The Amsterdam canal district was dug in the 17th century during the so called Dutch Golden Age, a period in time in which Dutch trade, science and art were among the most acclaimed in the world. Valuable spices, exotic fruits and precious ore were being traded by the Dutch. Through their exclusive trading route with China, tea was introduced in the Western world in Amsterdam in 1606.

This extraordinary blend offers a tribute to 400 years of Amsterdam canal district. Taste the grandeur of the Golden Age in this strong black tea, flavoured with a hint of smoke and a natural blend of spices and citrus fruits.  

This tea was formerly called 'Dutch Golden Age' at Four Leaves.

Blend of black teas (China), partly smoked, nutmegg, cinnamon, essential oils of bergamot and orange, cornflower and peony petals. 

 3-5 minutes      90°C (194°F)