Kenya Kangaïta G.B.O.P.


According to the "connoisseur" of black teas, one should only drink black tea from China.... And one should only drink green tea from Japan. ...etc....etc... What a petty mind! Why never try anything new? 'Kenya Kangaïta G.B.O.P.' offers a whole new dimension to the flavors of pure black teas. It's somewhere on strange crossroads when it comes to notes and strength: the bitterness of Assam, but also the sweetness of Ceylon O.P. Not as strong as the Assam tea, but also not as light as for instance a Darjeeling. It's a petty that some people don't allow themselves such an enrichment. 

Unflavored black tea from Kenya, broken leaf.

 4-5 minutes      90°C (194°F)