Advent Calendar THEODOR


New at Four Leaves: the advent calendar 2017 with 24 special flavors of the French 'Maison THEODOR,' packed with 24 New Year's wishes.

A nice new tea gift for 24 days of teas and happiness: to give someone (or – of course – to enjoy yourself ;-) Be surprised by 24 (flavored) tea creations and funny and poetic New Year's wishes. From 'single origins' to unique blends with sweet notes, fruits and all sorts of natural ingredients that will stimulate the demanding taste buds of true tealovers.

This advent calendar is a new concept from Maison THEODOR and can be started whenever you want. To count down to January 1st, as a tea gift under the Christmas tree, or to wish friends, family or loved ones a fantastic new year, starting from January 1st!

Each of the 24 mysterious tea bags from this special advent calendar contains a wish, based on everyday themes such as "Luck," "Love," "Peace," "Travel" ... and much more! The advent calendar can therefore also be sent as an enchanting greeting card to wish the best in the world for your loved ones. With a wish for the new year, every day a different cup of tea, a magical blend, infusion or pure tea from Maison THEODOR can be discovered every day. Let fate do its work and pull a new tea moment out of the box every day.

Probably the most original and unique tea gift currently available!

Remarkable 'single origin' tea varieties, blends containing natural ingredients and (fine) herbal infusions. We keep the exact contents of the box a surprise ;-) It's important to mention that the packaging does not contain teas with ingredients that are classified as allergens.