Earl Grey Royal (tin)


‘Earl Grey Royal’ is by far our most succesfull blend. A contemporary take on probably one of the most classic tea blends in the world: black tea with an essential oil of Italian bergamot. A British influence? Probably, yes. But the tea comes from China, the bergamot from Calabria (Italy) and the know-how of this remarkable Earl Grey comes from Paris.

Earl Grey Royal contains an essential oil of bergamot-varity 'Old England,' praised by experts as one of best and purest bergamot-varieties availabe on the market and also used in Michelin-star rated restaurants. It gives our Earl Grey a deep, full flavor. Like Earl Grey should be! Perfect!

Black tea from China (Keemun), essential oils of bergamot 'Old England,' corn flower, sunflower petals.  

 3-5 minutes      85°C (185°F)