On va se revoir


“On va se revoir…” Or: “We will meet again." An expression of which it's sometimes difficult to deal with. The same goes for this Chinese green tea, richly flavoured with bergamot from Calabria (Italy), fine cut Moroccan "Nanah" mint and black pepper from Madagascar. Het spicy pepper, sweetness of mint and fresh bitterness of bergamot, combined in a perfectly balanced beverage. "On va se revoir...;" it's a promise, an expression of a sincere with to see eachother again (or maybe a clandestinely threat of a coming revenge?) Yes, think about that ;-)

Green gunpowder tea (China), essential oils of bergamot (Calabria), orange blossom and pepper (Madagascar), fine cut Moroccan "Nanah" mint (spearmint).  

 2-3 minutes      80°C (176°F)