J.E. Oolong Milky (Jin Xuan) (tin)


A tea as unique as this one, isn't called a tea anymore: we speak of an 'elixer.' Oolong tea is because of its special process a tea somewhere in a phase between green tea and black tea. Oolong is half-oxidized (or: semi-fermented) tea leaf. Often an oolong tea will develop really specific notes, which are appreciated by a group of tea drinkers.

J.E. Oolong Milky (or in its Chinese name: Jin Quan) is a half-oxidized oolong tea (oxidation somewhere between 15 to 25%) with unique notes. Next to the floral and delicate grassy notes of the classic oolong tea is Milk Oolong famous for its notes of vanilla, the creamy notes of milk and honey. But please take not: this is an unflavored (!) tea. Unique in its kind and thus much sought after. 

Unfortunately, the market is flooded with Milk Oolong's which are processed with milk. (Either it be steamed with milk, bathed or sprinkled on). A flavored Jin Xuan can be recognized as the tea is steeped. The added flavors mask the natural tea flavor significantly.

Our 'J.E. Milky Oolong' carries with prestige its first letters 'Jardin Excellence.' No milk was involved to give this unique oolong tea its distinct notes. That's why we also call it 'elixer of heaven.' (You may steep this high quality oolong tea up to five times in a serving). 

Green unflavored oolong tea from Fujian (China), half-oxidized, 15-25% 

 3-6 minutes      75°-80°C (167°-176°F)