Four Leaves presents private customers and companies (hospitality, museums, offices) a large collection of exclusive French tea house ‘Maison THEODOR.’

Since its founding in 2002 the relatively young Parisian tea house ‘Maison THEODOR’ has not gone unnoticed by true tea lovers. Hardly having a budget for an extensive commercial campaign the success comes within just a few years. Within five to six years in existence the young tea house has already been a reference to many others in the tea world. With a contemporary approach to a classic product and a healthy dose of guts (some even call it impertinence) THEODOR has obtained a special position between the large, classic tea houses of the world.

The driving force behind this success is Guillaume Leleu, ‘tea master’ and founder of the house THEODOR. A tireless globetrotter he travels the world to select only the most remarkable gardens for his own collection. Being described as the ‘enfent terrible’ of the Parisian tea world, many people treat him as the renowned professional that he is, who – with the greatest respect – connects a traditional product with today’s lifestyle and society.

The foundation of ‘Maison THEODOR’ consists of a broad palette of aromatic teas and unexpected poetry. Poetry, because it allows us to broaden our horizons and stimulate our senses. It leads to astonishment, surprises and show us a glimpse of Parisian life. According to Guillaume there are only three elements necessary to create great teas: air, earth and man. Tea of exceptional quality, pure natural ingredients, the fine details of the artist’s creation in his secret laboratory are overlooking the river Seine. He allows us to dream away for just a moment and turn a smile on our face… all thanks to a cup of tea.