Maison THEODOR shakes the foundation of the tea-universe with its contemporary and sophisticated soul. The house was created in 2002 in the heart of the 17th district of Paris (close to Trocadéro) in a monumental 19th century shop. A place with the challenge to enchant again, to feel, to assess the quality and the creative wandering of the senses.

Maison THEODOR describes its collection in five colours: flavoured black teas, flavoured green teas, herbal and fruit infusions, fine herbs and unflavoured teas. Black, green, pink, heavenly blue and white-grey. Such an obvious classification, designed to meet the wishes and desires of the moment.

The river Seine being a witness to all of the know-how being brought to good use in the search for beauty, meaning and excellence: fragrances and rhythm to tell the story that builds every day further on ethical and aesthetic values. Paris inspires and attracts an ever expanding horizon. Already operating in over thirty countries Maison THEODOR has managed to establish itself as a global ambassador of tea “à la Parisiènne.”