Excellence is a starting point for Maison THEODOR and is based on a philosophy of sincerity regarding the products, the environment and mankind. This translates easily in a number of core values:

  • THEODOR doesn’t use intermediary trade or cooperations: teas, herbs, fruits and all other ingredients are directly bought from gardens that meet the quality standards and with which a sustainable partnership is founded.
  • The teas are supplied seasonal production of the crops and are being send to France in small quantities for as much as this is possible. This guarantees the freshness of the product. Before, during and after production a plantation is subjected to a systematic quality check which leads to mutual safety and transparency.
  • The house THEODOR never – under no circumstances – uses artificial aromas for flavouring of their teas.
  • THEODOR only creates partnerships with gardens that are part of the ‘eco-citizen’-initiative, which stands for sustainable production for environment and mankind.
  • THEODOR is a HACCP-certified tea house to constrain any food safety risks.
  • THEODOR is audited frequently and at random times – using samples – by Eurofins-laboratories.
  • Almost all tea varieties of THEODOR are bio-certified by organisations like Ecocert, QMI and USDA, but are not labelled as such.
  • THEODOR will always try to use recycled materials and – as far this concerns its own produce – try to recycle its waste as well.
  • With its Tea Master and quality team the house THEODOR has the expertise and know-how that makes it possible to give you the best!