Buying a product means having confidence in a brand, in an identity and in commitments. Today’s concepts of trade, misleading advertisings as well as food and public health scandals require asking the right questions.

Numerous tools and seals of approval have been created to reassure us in our consumer approach, but this does not necessarily mean to use these as a marketing tool. However, many companies have been doing this and sometimes even in a very ostentatious and abusive manner and, even
misleading us. We do not believe in these tools and we do not wish to be associated with them.

This is the reason why it is necessary and important to be transparent as far as our values, our philosophy and our policy are concerned – in order to guarantee what we wish to offer you. Above all, the teahouse THEODOR is fully aware of its responsibility for the quality of its products and this is the basis that drives our team every day.

Whenever possible we always choose environmentally responsible products that are recycled and / or are recyclable and we always use completely natural resources while actively participating in an innovative and sustainable work ethic. This permanent commitment to a sustainable work ethic does not represent a marketing or a commercial approach at all, it is simply our reference and the basis of our savoir-faire. This is why we are not labelling our products and why we do not wish to subscribe to this kind of tools.

We want to prove that quality cannot be bought or claimed; it should just be in the nature of things and therefore be part of a brand’s vision. These are our choices and commitments – for you. We want you to appreciate our products because of their excellence and not because of some commercial or trendy reasons.

With your trust in THEODOR you are actively participating in a different concept of trade.

Guillaume LELEU
CEO-Founder of the THEODOR Teahouse