The search for excellence is the cornerstone of Maison THEODOR. This is based on a ‘philosophy of sincerity’ and an approach to quality with a worldly vision. The selection process is completely executed under supervision of Guillaume Leleu, tea master, tea tester and ‘nose.’ The house THEODOR chooses long-term partnerships with plantations that produce an extraordinary product and that work in compliance with the quality manifesto of the house. They supply the tea house directly (without the use of cooperations or procurement-combinations) and always in small quantities to guarantee its freshness and a constant high-level of quality. Furthermore, independent quality checks and a systematic follow-up system of the suppliers guarantee the safety and high standards of the product in a transparent way.

Excellence can also be found in the eco-friendly values of Maison THEODOR. These are applied every day and are reflected in respect for both man and environment.

In the production house of Maison THEODOR the processing of the raw materials and ingredients is done in compliance with HACCP-methods for which the house is certified. This way risks can be mapped and systematically addressed. All products are subjected to analysis by specialised laboratories on a regularly and involuntary base. The majority of the collection is bio-certified, though the products are not labelled as such. In addition Maison THEODOR tries to make use of recycled products as much as possible, or tries to recycle its waste as well (e.g. boxes and tins). The tea house demands the same requirements from all of its partners.