Lovely teas and herbs to enjoy during the warmer days of summer. Special blends, only natural ingredients and a real fresh product! To enjoy together, on a nice, warm summer terrace.

J.C. Absolu Oolong
'Tie Guan Yin'-oolong tea, goji berries, peach, pear
Pêché Mignon
Green tea, red passionfruit, melon, strawberry and wild peach
Mélange de Galice
Black tea, wild peach, vanilla
Trahison Byzantine
Black tea, red fruits, vanilla
Black tea, red fruits, grapefruit
Cours Mirabeau
Green tea, blood orange, lemon, clementine
Lemon Verbena
Herbal infusion of fine cut lemon verbena
Une autre idée?
Rooibos, exotic fruits
Acte II
Green tea, red fruits, date, rose