Three bestsellers from Four Leaves


Welcome in the online shop of Four Leaves, a renowned shop since 2012 for the famous Parisian tea house Maison THEODOR. This tea house was founded in 2002 by the French tea tester Guillaume Leleu, a nose in the tea world and always on a quest for remarkable plantations where a clean product is being produced. 

THEODOR is famed for its excellent quality, natural products and tight quality audits. You will taste this special production philosophy in your cup of tea. This way a normal, everyday moment will become very special!

With this special sample pack we invite you to try three of our bestselling flavours, including two classic tea varieties and one fine herbal infusion. Indulging varieties for every moment of your day! Every package contains enough tea to try several times. We hope you will enjoy this acquaintance!

You can order only one of these folders of which you only have to pay for shipping costs. (If you choose on of the pick-up locations in Amsterdam you're not paying anything). For a postal shipment the online shop will automatically select a mailbox parcel of € 3,50. If you make a combination with other products on this website, shipping costs will be charged conform the packages that you've chosen. 

Tasting tea is great, but I find it important that you learn what kind or product I send you. If you order this folder you agree to receive a few informative email messages in which I (among other things) tell you what makes quality of various varieties of tea leaves, how to prepare your teas the best way and how to prevent bitterness of the leaves. Of course you can stop these emails at any time.