For a lot of people the change from the classic tea bag to fresh loose leaf tea is a large step. Often it means rediscovering tea as a beverage. Excellent loose leaf teas are so much richer in flavour and contain a spectrum of notes contrary to the tea bags from the supermarket. This all originates from the quality of the product and – in flavoured varieties – the choice of ingredients. HERE you can read what defines the quality of teas.

Unfortunately most well-known (supermarket or wholesale) brands contain tea of very poor quality (called tea dust or tea grains) which are (often) artificially flavoured. However, there are also many tea houses that use lower grades of teas for their tea bags (whether or not flavoured with different aromas) than you for their loose leaf teas. We can assure you: the tea bags of Maison THEODOR contain one-on-one the same quality of teas and ingredients that is offered to you in a loose leaf way. This way we can provide you with a custom-tea service in every location in your organisation, aimed to your specific demands without compromise.