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From €13,95
J.E. Oolong Milky (Jin Xuan)
Unique oolong tea from Fujian (China), natural characters of milk and honey (oxidation 15-25%)
From €9,25
British Breakfast
Robust blend of black teas from India (Darjeeling and Assam)
From €24,95
J.E. Yin Zhen - White Tea
White tea from Fujian (China)
From €7,95
Lapsang Souchong
Mildly smoked black tea from China
From €4,45
Kenya Kangaïta G.B.O.P.
Black tea from Kenya, broken leaf
From €7,25
Korean Daehsan Nokcha
Green tea from South Korea
From €6,75
O. Bancha 'Arashiyama'
Green tea from Japan
From €6,75
Darjeeling G.F.O.P. Superior
Lighter black tea from Darjeeling (India)
From €6,75
O. Great Ceylon
Pure green tea from Sri Lanka
From €9,25
Green tea from Japan (a delicacy with roasted and puffed rice)
From €4,45
Pu Erh 'Terre de Chine'
Earthy black tea from Yunnna (China)
From €4,45
Ceylon O.P.
Strong and slightly sweet black tea from Sri Lanka
From €6,75
Great Hunan Green
Green tea from Hunan (China)
From €7,25
Yunnan Golden Pearls
Rich black tea from Yunnan (China)
From €18,75
Yin Zhen - White Snow Spiral
White tea from Fujian (China)
From €4,95
Tarry Souchong
Strongly smoked black tea from China
From €9,75
O. Gu Sencha Iro
Groene thee uit Japan
From €6,95
Wulong Rou Gui
Dark oolong tea from China (oxidation 40%)
From €8,25
Dan Cong Feng Huang
Dark oolong tea from China (oxidation 40-45%)
From €11,00
Tie Guan Yin
Light oolong tea from Taïwan (oxidation 20-30%)
From €5,10
Blue Oolong Lotus
Light oolong tea from Vietnam, lotus
From €6,75
J.E. Grand Szechwan F.O.P.
Powerful black tea from China
From €5,10
Shangri-Lâ Temple
Subtle, lighter black tea from Nepal
From €8,65
Darjeeling S.F.T.G.F.O.P. 1st Flush - BL2/'18
Remarkable and light blend from two First Flush Darjeeling-harvests (from 30 grams)