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Assam T.G.F.O.P. "Thowra"
Strong black tea from India
First Flush Darjeeling Blend
Lighter black tea from spring flush, Northern India
Lapsang Souchong "Wuyi"
Smoked black tea from China
Assam F.B.O.P. "Manjushri"
Strong black tea from India
Phoenix Honey Orchid
Rare oolong tea from China
Japanese Sencha "Haru"
Refined green tea from Japan
Traditional Yunnan Pu Erh
Earthy black tea from Yunnan (China)
Impérial Jasmine Dragon Pearls
Green Chinese jasmine pearls, hand rolled leaves
Lapsang Souchong
Mildly smoked black tea from China
Ceylon O.P.
Strong and slightly sweet black tea from Sri Lanka
Tarry Souchong
Strongly smoked black tea from China
Tie Guan Yin
Light oolong tea from Taïwan (oxidation 20-30%)
Shangri-Lâ Temple
Subtle, lighter black tea from Nepal