Japanese Sencha "Haru"


One of the purest and most complex sencha teas from Japan! Sencha "Haru" has subtle sweet-salty and umami notes. Light, but with a creamy undertone; a tea to enjoy every day. Lively, rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. Sencha "Haru" proves that even an everyday sencha tea can be a special one.

The broken, needle-like leaves develop a deep dark green color by shielding them from direct sunlight during the last weeks of cultivation. The scent of morning dew and in particular its delicate salty sweetness on the palate reveal fine natural notes of cut grass, enhanced by a slight sourness and - when prepared with care - no bitterness.

Pure green tea from Mie prefecture (Japan)

2.30 min. maximum      70°C (158°F)