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Place St. Marc
Black tea, red fruits, vanilla
Pu Erh-tea, cinnamon, vanilla
Je t'aime
Black tea, flavours of pistachio-macaroon
Thé du Loup
Black tea, chocolate-hazlenut flavour
October Revelation
Black tea, seven varieties of citrus fruits
Black tea, red fruits, grapefruit
Bollywood Chaïpur
Black chaï tea, Indian spices, red peppercorn, cardamom, ginger
Je suis désolé(e)...
Black tea, goji berries, pitaya (dragon fruit)
Histoire Tibétaine
Blend of black and green teas, bergamot, jasmine, vanilla
Mélange Ô
Blend of black and green teas, complex flavors of bergamot, flowers and citrus fruits
Travel to India
Black sweet chaï tea, masala spices, cinnamon, vanilla
Mélange de Galice
Black tea, wild peach, vanilla
Sans Complexe
Black tea, flavour of lemon-meringue pie
Earl Grey Royal
Black tea, bergamot 'Old England' (our bestseller!!)
Coïncidence Black
Black tea, exotic fruits
Black tea, flavors of marzipan (almond paste)
Perseus - A special edition
Black tea, yuzu, bergamot, plum
Oh la la...!
Black tea, flavours of mulled wine
Dutch Heritage
Black teas (partly smoked), citrus fruits, sweet spices, peony
Black tea, hazelnut, vanilla
25 Décembre 'Original' - Black
Black tea, citrus fruits, sweet spices
25 Décembre 'Laponic' - Black
Black tea, oak moss, rosemary, cranberry
British Breakfast
Robust blend of black teas from India (Darjeeling and Assam)
Assam G.F.O.P. Superior
Robust black tea from Assam (India)