Citrus Sonata


Discover the harmony of flavors in our enchanting blend, 'Citrus Sonata' - a symphony of refined black teas from lush Sri Lanka, intertwined with the fresh notes of subtle citrus flavors.

Imagine: a masterpiece of aromas, where every sip adds a new note to the musical palette of your taste buds. Let yourself be seduced by the sweet serenade of ripe oranges, the zesty cadence of lemon zest and the subtle echoes of bergamot dancing on your tongue. Like a perfectly executed sonata, each cup of 'Citrus Sonata' is an immersive experience that enchants your senses and uplifts your spirit. Whether you start the day with a vibrant crescendo or unwind with a calm adagio, this tea is the perfect companion for any time of the day.

Immerse yourself in the melodious world of 'Citrus Sonata' and discover the magic of music and tea, united in a single harmonious composition. Let your heart sing and your mind light up with every blissful sip. Come and experience the symphony of flavors with 'Citrus Sonata' - your own private concert in a cup of tea.

Blend of black teas from Sri Lanka, essential oils from bergamot, orange and lemon, with marygold flower petals and pieces of orange and lemon peel. 

3-4 minutes      85°C (185°F)