To some an abomination to drink; for others a true delicacy, to be enjoyed on the right time of the day. With that, smoked teas are sometimes seen as controversial; a treat for the true connoisseur.

Smoked teas get their flavor from the tea leaves being placed in baskets to dry over gently smoldering pinewood. The smoke aroma sticks to the tea leaves. The type of black tea that is used, the type of pine wood and the experience and craftsmanship of the plantation owners ensure balance, taste intensity and quality of these special teas.

For the starting explorer in smoked teas: we recommend 'L.S. Souchong "Crocodile" from Taiwan. This is a pure smoked tea, but milder in the smoke aroma and in a nice balance with the naturally sweeter tea leaves. We also offer a few blends in which the smoke aroma plays a nuanced role, in addition to other  notes.

L.S. Crocodile (Taiwan)
Delicately smoked black tea from Taiwan
Lapsang Souchong
Mildly smoked black tea from China
Tarry Souchong
Strongly smoked black tea from China