Maghrebi Mint Tea
Green tea, mint leaves
First Flush Darjeeling Blend
Lighter black tea from spring flush, Northern India
Black Masala Chai
Authentic Indian chai blend
Assam F.B.O.P. "Manjushri"
Strong black tea from India
Phoenix Honey Orchid
Rare oolong tea from China
Japanese Sencha "Haru"
Refined green tea from Japan
Traditional Yunnan Pu Erh
Earthy black tea from Yunnan (China)
Place des Vosges
Fruit infusion from apple, red fruits and hibiscus.
Mélange de Barbarie
Green tea, goji berries, pomegranate, lemongrass
Thé du Roi
Oolong tea, ginseng root
Green Jasmine
Green tea, jasmine flowers
Impérial Jasmine Dragon Pearls
Green Chinese jasmine pearls, hand rolled leaves
Earl Grey Superior
Black tea, bergamot
Puur Genieten van Thee
by Timothy d'Offay
De Verre Tocht van Thee
by Shalini Vallepur
Tea Classified
by Jane Pettigrew
The Book of Japanese Tea
by Per Oscar Brekell
Afternoon Tea at Home
by Will Torrent
Ice Tea
by Lene Knudsen
Gezonde Thee
by Fern Green
Puur Thee
by Veerle Stoffels
De Helende Kracht van Thee
by Ann Vansteenkiste