Maghrebi Mint Tea


A cup full of tradition! The classic mint tea is a popular drink in Morocco and is often considered to be the symbol of hospitality. The origins of this blend date back to the 18th century when tea was introduced to Morocco from the trade routes from Asia. Chinese gunpowder tea was one of the varieties that ended up in Morocco and quickly became a favourite choice because of its unique, stronger taste and excellent ability to mix well with mint leaves and sugar. In this way, Moroccan mint tea quickly became an integral part of Moroccan culture and became the country's most popular and traditional drink.

Moroccan mint tea was quickly adapted to local taste preferences. Unlike traditional Chinese tea, which often does not use sugar, Moroccan tea drinkers added sugar to their tea to make it sweeter and richer in taste. The sweet, minty tea became a distinctive Moroccan creation.

Preparing Moroccan mint tea in the most traditional way is an art in itself. The process involves several steps, during which the tea is repeatedly poured and poured back into the teapot to improve the flavor. This is done to blend the flavors well and make the tea pleasant and refreshing. The tea is usually served in special glasses, often decorated with colorful patterns.

Enjoy our refreshing Maghrebi mint tea, with the traditions of Moroccan tea use. This delicious blend is a good thirst quencher to drink both as a hot or cold infusion.

Green Chinese (gunpowder) tea, sliced spearmint leaves

2-3 minutes      80°C (176°F)