O. Hojicha "Kyoto"


Black tea from Japan, but not real black tea! Hojicha is actually green tea of which the leaves are roasted, giving them a dark appearance and a unique taste. The process of roasting green tea was first performed in Kyoto (Japan), in 1920; this is also where the name “hoji-cha” comes from, which means “roasted tea” in Japanese.

The taste of this tea is unique: slightly nutty, hints of caramel and an edge of smoke from the roasting process. The taste is free from the bitterness typically found in many green teas, making Hojicha a great alternative to black tea. Due to the special production process, Hojicha is a tea with an exceptionally low caffeine content, as this is reduced during the roasting process. The color in the head is a beautiful deep crimson red.

Although roasting tea leaves to make Hojicha was originally intended to improve flavor, the process also resulted in a significant reduction in caffeine. Hoijicha is therefore an excellent tea moment for tea lovers who are looking for a cup with less stimulating properties.

Roasted green tea from Japan.

2-3 minutes      80°C (176°F)