O. Kukicha “Kurume”


The Japanese and their tea. Centuries-old traditions, mysterious rituals and delicate flavours go hand in hand. This also applies to 'Kukicha,' or – translated – “twig” (kuki) and “tea” (cha); a true Japanese tea delicacy, created from the remains of tea production. After local farmers sold their valuable tea leaves and buds, they brewed their own tea from the leftover twigs, stems and veins, which they didn’t  want to waste. And thus “Kukicha” was created: as a less common, but very tasty tea variety.

Kukicha “Kurume” comes from an organic production and has a slightly stronger notes as a result of a delicate roasting. This makes this kukicha also very suitable for preparing as “cold brew” (or cold tea). The popularity of this special Japanese tea tradition has increased due to its mild notes and lower caffeine content, making it an attractive choice for tea enthusiasts looking for a lighter tea experience.

Pure green tea from Japan.

2-3 minutes      80°C (176°F)