Traditional Yunnan Pu Erh


On weekends I often go into the villages, walking through the meadows or forests, picking mushrooms. The harmony with nature, the scent of the outdoors, the forest soil… actually, this tea is a summary of it all.

Pu Erh is an aromatic black tea from the Yunnan region (China), which gets its typical earthy flavor tones through a special fermentation process (with bacteria and yeasts). Pu Erh was originally molded into tea blocks (called "bricks," for easy transportation); nowadays Pu Erh is also sold as loose leaf tea. Unlike most green and black teas, Pu Erh tea gets tastier and better with age over the years. (This tea “ripens”). Our 'Traditional Yunnan Pu Erh' has matured for about five to seven years, which gives the tea particularly mild earthy characters and is therefore an ideal point to get acquainted with this special character.

Many special benefits are attributed to Pu Erh tea. The high level of mineral substances can have a positive effect on digestion and metabolism, can contribute to purifying blood and lowering cholesterol.

Pure black tea from Yunnan (China).

3-5 minutes      85°C (185°F)