FINUM Tea Filters


These tea filters are made of abaca-pulp, combined with cellulose and fibers, with which the true flavours of your tea (and not a paper sidetaste) will be brewed. The filters are bleached using oxigen (chlorine-free) and are bio-degradable. They are produced without glue (or any other type of binding agent). The expanding base of the filter provides enough room for the tea leaves to fully unfold their flavours.  

- Great for preparing tea in a teapot, but also in a mug or cup;;
- The flap can easily be foulded in the lid of a teapot or over the edge of a cup;
- Disposable product, but bio-degradable;
- A box contains 100 pieces;
- Length (including flap): 155 mm.
- Width: 75 mm.