Les Herbes Insolentes


A small inspiration to alchemy, that's probably a good way to typify the 'Shameless Herbes." It's a complex herbal infusion in which probably almost all of the flavors out of the pallet are represented. The sweetness of chamomile, a pinch of liquorice root (which you will only taste very lightly), fine cut blackberry leaves and rose petals, combined with the freshness of green rooibos, fennel seeds, orange peel and lemon verbena, finished off with a hint of spice of red peppercorn. A very "modern" take on a herbal infusion which is suitable to drink at any moment of the day. Whether it is during your morning break, a lovely beverage to accompany a meal or as a nightcap before you go to bed.  

Complex herbal blend of: chamomile, lemongrass, fennel seeds, rooibos (South-Africa) liquorice root, fine cut blackberry leaves, lemon verbena, orange peel and red peppercorn.  

 4-5 minutes      90°C (194°F)