J.E. Yin Zhen - White Tea


White tea is made from the first young buds of the tea plant. This is what makes white tea relatively expensive as there is way less available then there is compared to regular tea leaves. 'J.E. Yin Zhen - White Tea' carries its 'Jardin Excellence'-marking with a certain pride. This white tea of high quality if being produced on a very small scale and comes from a remarkable garden. Its flavors are light, refined, sweet and floral. The buds are unprocessed and only dried in the sun, giving it a high-level of antioxidants. That's why an old Chinese proverb says: 'One cup of Yin Zhen, 10 years added to your life." 

Unflavored Chinese white tea from Fujian-region. 

 18-25 (!) minutes      80°C (176°F)