Nahitana will make even the biggest opponent of sweet infusions wince: the fruity sweetness of South African rooibos topped with the sweetness of real vanilla. Subtle, but in perfect balance with each other.

This special rooibos contains real bourbon vanilla, high quality vanilla from the island of Réunion (formerly called 'Bourbon'). This vanilla variety has the special property that it enhances the surrounding flavors (in this case those of rooibos).

Vanilla was already a well-known flavoring in Mesoamerica in pre-Columbus times and was brought to Europe by the Spanish conquistadors. From the early 19th century, vanilla has also been cultivated in the colonial areas of Europe, but the plants did not bear fruit. It was eventually discovered that the cause was that a native bee species in South America pollinated the flowers. Only after Edmond Albius – a black slave on the island of Réunion – discovered in 1840 how the flowers can be pollinated artificially (by hand) did vanilla also be extracted outside Mexico. “Nahitana” is the word for “discovery” in the indigenous language of Réunion (called “Malagsi”).

Rooibos (South Africa), pieces of real vanilla (Madagascar).

4-5 minuten     90°C (194°F)