Place des Vosges


Place des Vosges – also known as the “Vosges Square” – is the oldest square in Paris, located in the “Le Marais” district. The square was created in 1604 when King Henry IV had a royal pavilion built there. After seven years the square was completed and it was given the name 'Place Royale.' The square is surrounded by almost forty houses, all built of red stone with graceful arches.

Vibrant and beautifully balanced - like the square itself - our 'Place des Vosges' is a fruity infusion, naturally caffeine free, with sweet berries, blossoms and a hint of hibiscus. A wonderful tea moment to pause in imagination and harmony.

Melange 'Place des Vosges' captures the essence of the square in a delicious, rich fruit infusion. Since the 16th century, 'Le Marais' has been a gathering place for nobility, artists, artists and couples in love, who sought inspiration for memory, hope, appreciation and connection in the narrow streets of this district.

Fruit infusion from pieces of apple, pieces of papaya, dried currants, elderberries, black currants, pieces of raspberry, pieces of strawberry, hibiscus, sunflower petals, blue cornflower.

6-8 minutes      90°C (194°F)