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Tea-recipe: Jägertee!

Walking outside right now will almost make the inclement wind go right through you. A cup of tea is lovely, but during these days it could pack a little bit more punch. In South-German Bavaria “Jägertee” was thought up, which translates to English as “Hunter’s Tea.”

Jägertee is an alcoholic beverage made from a mix of rum, tea, red wine, fruit brandywine, orange juice and various spices. The nicest way to enjoy this drink is when it’s served warm. The recipe looks a bit like the more famous “mulled wine,” which is very popular in ski areas. Every region in Bavaria, Northern Austria and Souther Czech Republic has its own particular mixture of the beverage.

An easy recipe to make your Jägertee at home:

For your Jägertee always use a more strong, black tea as a base. Depending on your flavour you could use e.g. Assam or Ceylon-tea. Prepare your tea with approximately 400ml. of water and steep this for 4 to 5 minutes. In a separate (sauce)pan you mingle and heat up 30ml. of red wine, 30ml. of rum, the juice of a fresh orange, two cloves and two cinnamon sticks. Heat this on a low fire slowly until it reaches the boiling point. Then mix the alcoholic mix with your teas and steep your spices – to your taste – a little bit longer in your Jägertee. Really lovely to enjoy on these cold days!

From this recipe: follow the links to go directly to Assam tea or Ceylon tea

(In for an experiment? Try to make your Jägertee with red peppercorn, star anise or fennel. These are all very characteristic spices which will give your Jägertee a different flavour!)

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