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What is borosilicate glass?

Almost everyone who holds a tea glass of borosilicate glass for the first time in his or her hands cannot believe it’s as strong as scientists say it is. (I myself couldn’t believe it either). The glass is very thin and practically weighs nothing. This makes it look as if it’s more fragile than regular (thick) glass, but that’s not the case at all.

Different raw materials lie at the base of the production of this special glass. Most other glass varieties are made out of the so called ‘calcium-sodium-silicate’ (like e.g. the most common glass for windows). Borosilicate glass is made from salt out of boron (an element) and silicic acid. On the one hand this material is very light, but despite that it’s much stronger, so it has a longer lifespan than most regular glass types.

This all sounds very technic, but basically borosilicate glass is also just called “hard glass.” However, that doesn’t mean it cannot break (it certainly can). In the shop back at Spiegelgracht I was asked once in a while if it meant you could just drop the glass? No, I never advise you to drop a tea glass. Borosilicate glass migth be very strong and could take a punch, but dropping it from a greater hight could – just like regular glass – mean it could break.

Still, it is much stronger than regular glass and better resistant to chemical tarnish. Borosilicate glass can withstand extreme heath (boiling water is not a problem) or freezing temperatures (it won’t break in your freezer), even though the glass appears to be thinner and lighter to the touch. Therefor it’s said borosilicate glass is glass with a longer lifespan.

A small overview on the artisan production of Samadoyo products

Because it can take a punch this glass is ideal for drinking tea t home, but also e.g. in your office or for use in a catering service. Four Leaves offers a collection of the remarkable glasswear of Samadoyo. Up to and including 25 March 2018 you’ll get a 10% discount on all of the Samadoyo glasses if you enter the discount code ‘samadoyo10’ in the checkout of the online shop.

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