1842, 29 Août


‘1842, 29 Août’ is a flavored green sencha tea with lovely notes of orange blossom, rose and almond. If British people had been Parisian, they would have never given away Hong Kong, that they had been granted as a concession, to end the First Opium War. Well, it probably doesn't mean anything… but I take a malicious pleasure in raising my cup of this ‘1842, 29 Août’ flavored green tea that, for sure, should leave a taste of bitterness in their mouth. I personally love it! You too, allow yourself to be impertinent, but never longer than the time of a cup of tea.  

Green sencha tea (China), essential oils of rose, grapefruit, almond *), orange blossom, rose petals.  

 2-3 minutes      80°C (176°F)