On this page you'll find all of our products containing strawberry. This are teas, but also herbal and fruit infusions.

From €5,95
Place St. Marc
Black tea, red fruits, vanilla
From €5,95
Black tea, red fruits, grapefruit
From €5,95
Pêché Mignon
Green tea, red passionfruit, melon, strawberry and wild peach
From €5,95
Acte II
Green tea, red fruits, date, rose
From €5,95
Green tea, rhubarb, cherry, kiwi
From €5,95
Jour J.
White tea, flavour of champagne
From €5,95
Sans Doute
Green tea, strawberry, blueberry, blackcurrant
From €5,95
Carpe Diem
Rooibos, red fruits, almond
From €5,95
Herbal infusion of green yerba maté, red passion fruit, melon, strawberry and wild peach
From €5,95
Me Faltas
Black yerba maté, spices, cardamom, strawberry
From €5,95
Jardin de Maman
Fruit infusion of apple, red currants, rosehip barks, strawberry and hibiscus.
From €8,95
Jardin de Paris
Complex fruit and herbal infusion, like a summertime rose perfume.