Shangri-Lâ Temple


In Nepal the production of tea didn’t start before the second half of the nineteenth century, under leadership of its Governor. The “Shangri-Lâ”-plantation in the Dhankuta-region is situated approximately 2.200 meters above sea level and produces a tea that could easily be compared to the best Darjeeling-varieties.

The production methods on the plantation can be compared with those from the Indian Darjeeling-teas which – in combination with the great altitude where this plantation is located – leads to a complex, lighter tea with notes of hazelnut, cocoa and wood, accompanied by a surprisingly bold floral bouquet. This tea is a little less astringent than Darjeelings, which gives you a lovely soft cup of tea. 

Subtle, lighter black tea (Nepal).    

 2-3 minutes      85°C (185°F)