From €9,25
October Revelation
Black tea, seven varieties of citrus fruits
From €5,10
Histoire Tibétaine
Blend of black and green teas, bergamot, jasmine, vanilla
From €5,10
Mélange Ô
Blend of black and green teas, complex flavors of bergamot, flowers and citrus fruits
From €5,10
Earl Grey Royal
Black tea, bergamot 'Old England' (our bestseller!!)
From €6,45
Perseus - A special edition
Black tea, yuzu, bergamot, plum
From €5,10
Dutch Golden Age
Black tea, citrus fruits, spices, peony
From €5,10
Green tea, lemon, fig, lotus
From €5,10
On va se revoir
Green tea, bergamot, mint, pepper
From €5,10
Earl Grey Green
Green tea, bergamot