From €9,25
Pu Erh-tea, cinnamon, vanilla
From €9,25
Thé du Loup
Black tea, chocolate-hazlenut flavour
From €9,25
Black tea, red fruits, grapefruit
From €5,10
Bollywood Chaïpur
Black chaï tea, Indian spices, red peppercorn, cardamom, ginger
From €5,10
Histoire Tibétaine
Blend of black and green teas, bergamot, jasmine, vanilla
From €5,10
Mélange Ô
Blend of black and green teas, complex flavors of bergamot, flowers and citrus fruits
From €5,10
Travel to India
Black sweet chaï tea, masala spices, cinnamon, vanilla
From €5,10
Mélange de Galice
Black tea, wild peach, vanilla
From €5,10
Sans Complexe
Black tea, flavour of lemon-meringue pie
From €5,10
Coïncidence Black
Black tea, exotic fruits
From €5,10
Black tea, flavors of marzipan (almond paste)
From €6,45
Perseus - A special edition
Black tea, yuzu, bergamot, plum
From €5,10
Oh la la...!
Black tea, flavours of mulled wine
From €5,10
Dutch Golden Age
Black tea, citrus fruits, spices, peony
From €5,10
Black tea, hazelnut, vanilla
From €5,10
25 Décembre 'Original' - Black
Black tea, citrus fruits, sweet spices
From €5,10
25 Décembre 'Laponic' - Black
Black tea, oak moss, rosemary, cranberry
From €9,25
British Breakfast
Robust blend of black teas from India (Darjeeling and Assam)
From €7,95
Lapsang Souchong
Mildly smoked black tea from China
From €4,45
Kenya Kangaïta G.B.O.P.
Black tea from Kenya, broken leaf
From €6,75
Darjeeling G.F.O.P. Superior
Lighter black tea from Darjeeling (India)
From €4,45
Pu Erh 'Terre de Chine'
Earthy black tea from Yunnna (China)
From €4,45
Ceylon O.P.
Strong and slightly sweet black tea from Sri Lanka
From €7,25
Yunnan Golden Pearls
Rich black tea from Yunnan (China)