From €5,20
Mélange Ô
Blend of black and green teas, complex flavors of bergamot, flowers and citrus fruits
From €5,20
Pêché Mignon
Green tea, red passionfruit, melon, strawberry and wild peach
From €5,20
1842, 29 Août
Green tea, rose, almond, orange blossom
From €5,20
Green tea, flavours of red-fruit macaroon
From €5,20
Acte II
Green tea, red fruits, date, rose
From €5,20
C'est Sympathique!
Green tea, violet, geranium
From €5,20
Je ne sais quoi...
Black tea, red fruits, vanilla
From €5,20
Green tea, rhubarb, cherry, kiwi
From €5,20
Green tea, lemon, fig, lotus
From €5,20
On va se revoir
Green tea, bergamot, mint, pepper
From €5,20
Cours Mirabeau
Green tea, blood orange, lemon, clementine
From €5,20
Fleurs de Jasmin
Green tea, jasmine flowers
From €5,20
Traditional Nanah Marocco
Green tea, fine cut Moroccan "Nanah" mint
From €6,60
Petite Ourse - A special edition
Green tea, mandarin, ginger
From €5,20
25 Décembre 'Original' - Green
Green tea, citrus fruits, sweet spices
From €5,20
25 Décembre 'Laponic' - Green
Green tea, lemon verbena, juniper berries, pine needles
From €5,20
Earl Grey Green
Green tea, bergamot
From €11,05
Si Ling Chi Impérial
Green Chinese jasmine pearl, handrolled leaves