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Sachets Precieux - O. Bancha 'Arashiyama'
Japanese bancha tea in 25 individually wrapped teabags
Pu Erh-tea, cinnamon, vanilla
Black tea, red fruits, grapefruit
Je suis désolé(e)...
Black tea, goji berries, pitaya (dragon fruit)
Histoire Tibétaine
Blend of black and green teas, bergamot, jasmine, vanilla
Coïncidence Black
Black tea, exotic fruits
Perseus - A special edition
Black tea, yuzu, bergamot, plum
Oh la la...!
Black tea, flavours of mulled wine
Dutch Heritage
Black teas (partly smoked), citrus fruits, sweet spices, peony
Black tea, hazelnut, vanilla
25 Décembre 'Original' - Black
Black tea, citrus fruits, sweet spices
25 Décembre 'Laponic' - Black
Black tea, oak moss, rosemary, cranberry
1842, 29 Août
Green tea, rose, almond, orange blossom
Acte II
Green tea, red fruits, date, rose
Je ne sais quoi...
Black tea, red fruits, vanilla
Green tea, rhubarb, cherry, kiwi
Sans Doute
Green tea, strawberry, blueberry, blackcurrant
Maître Fang
Green tea, passion ruit, ginger, pepper
25 Décembre 'Laponic' - Green
Green tea, lemon verbena, juniper berries, pine needles
Lapsang Souchong
Mildly smoked black tea from China
Kenya Kangaïta G.B.O.P.
Black tea from Kenya, broken leaf
Darjeeling G.F.O.P. Superior
Lighter black tea from Darjeeling (India)
O. Great Ceylon
Pure green tea from Sri Lanka
Green tea from Japan (a delicacy with roasted and puffed rice)